Decorative Epoxy / Polyurethane Flake Texture Coating System

Satin Stone Flake is an epoxy, polyureathane-based coating system with durable color flakes in between for renovating existing wall and floor surfaces without hacking or re-tiling.

It uses an epoxy primer (which is normally applied on steel for shipping vessels) as a interface between the existing sub-strate and the flake system ensuring a long lasting bond even with smooth surfaces. After applying the primer, it is sprinkle with hard wearing durable color flakes and allowed to dry. It is then sanded to a smooth or anti-slip finish and then sealed with 2 coats of a clear P.U water based sealer. It’s finishes resemble that of granite and it is available in any color.



· Chemical and acid resistant

· Anti-slip

· Work can be completed in 1 day and open for use thereafter

· No hacking needed, eliminating dust

· No requirement for applying of renovation permit for condo units

· Color can be custom match to any color

· Local manufacturing resulting in stocks / color availability at any time

· Available in design, pattern etc.. i.e sea horse, star

· Proven track record with ISO 9002 certificate & SAC accredited mark

· Cheap, fast and reliable with warranty of 1 year given



Abrasion resistance

< 68mg (Taber Abrasion)

Adhesion Strength

> 1.5 N / mm2 (ASTM D4541:02)

Slip Resistance

> 0.73 (Dry)

(Tortus Friction Tester)

> 0.65 (Wet) / > 0.63 (Triton)

Chemical Resistance

No change in gloss, blistering, sorftening, swelling, loss of adhesion or other defects (ASTM D1308:2002)

U.V Resistance

Yes (ASTM G154:2000)




Approximately 2 – 5 hours. The wall and floor application can be done in 1 day and thereafter can be open for use.


This is an epoxy with flakes overlay coating system which provides floor and wall surfaces with a seamless, hygienic, and highly decorative finish. It has stain resistance properties and a high abrasion value. The appearance of Satin stone flake can last for 5 to 10 year by usual maintenance. It comes with 1 year warranty against cracking, peeling, and fading. For usual maintenance, washing and scrubbing is okay. For floor cleaners, you may use floor detergent, baking soda and vinegar. For bleach, please dilute the bleach with water prior to using. Do not use any harsh acids and chemicals as it might damage the product. Strong acid will cause uneven colour on any type of flooring even tile.

Being a coating system, this is applied by brush or roller with the mineral flakes broadcast between coats.

This can be done on most surfaces like tiles and cement screeded surface.  If the surface is free of cracks, holes, and has no leaking issues, we can do it for you. 

Yes! It is best to change everything first before we do the floors and walls. The floors and walls should be the last thing you do in the toilet.

However, if the house is completely new with no fixtures already installed, we can do the floors and walls first.

For items that can be removed, my workers will remove it for you. We will not, however remove items like toilet bowls, sinks, instant heaters, glass doors etc. Instead, we will simply work around the area. 

For the kitchen, kindly ensure that your fridge is cleared as my workers will be moving the fridge away to do the project. (Applies for washing machine etc) 

Yes! We can change the cover for you, provided you purchase the pipe covers at a local hardware shop on your end. Do take note the sizes of the covers have to be the same as your current one.

Please be reminded to keep your floors dry the day before project commencement. If floors are not dry, it will result in weak adhesion, hence leading to peeling and cracking. We recommend you give your floors a proper and final scrub a few days before we come by for the job. 

Last use of the area will be 8pm from the previous day. Should the area be wet upon my workers arrival, the 1 years warranty will be voided.

For clients with marble surfaces, they need to leave the floor to dry for 4 days (No showering)

We do not offer services for removal only. However, if you wish to do a new fresh flooring with Tutto, we can do the removal for you (charges applicable). Do take note it will not be a full and complete removal. We will only remove the areas that are peeling. 

It basically boils down to the type of finishing you prefer. Do you prefer marble? Pebbles? Flakes? Generally, from our clients’ feedback, metallic epoxy is a little on the higher price and they focus more on the marble look. Plain epoxy paint does not have as good of an anti-slip function, but it is cheap. Pebbles/Stones is also another different form of finishing. 

For our product, we focus more on the stone/granite effect, which can give your toilets a classy look while providing good anti-slip features at a reasonable price.

Our product texture roughness can be adjusted according to client preference.

However, it will have texture and will not be a mirror smooth surface.

Here are the breakdown of the time needed:

Floor only

  • 1 toilet floor – 1 day
  • 2 toilet floor – 2 days

* If the resident doesn’t have to use the toilets, we can complete both toilets in 1 day, otherwise 2 days.


Wall and floor

  • 1 toilet floor and wall – 2 days
  • 2 toilet floors and walls – 4 days

* If the resident doesn’t have to use the toilets, we can complete both toilets in 2 days, otherwise 4 days.

Our team will arrive from 8 to 9 am on the day to start work which lasts till around 3 to 4 pm. After which, the toilet shall be left unoccupied until the next day morning after project completion to allow it to dry completely.

Our office is located at 120 Woodlands Industrial Park E3 (near SSDC driving centre).

Please make an appointment with us before visit=)

We will require a 30% deposit paynow to the company UEN and another 70% payable upon completion.

We accept cash or paynow to our UEN 199503708Z.