Satin Stone Flake is an epoxy, polyureathane-based coating system with durable color flakes in between for renovating existing wall and floor surfaces without hacking or re-tiling.

TUTTO Color Quartz are acid & chemical resistance and comes in any color and sizes. The unique process of ceramically coating technology was achieved successfully since 1993 and since that period T.A.P has laid more than 1,000,000 m2 of industrial floor using color quartz as a filler for epoxy, P.U & acrylic system.

FLEXSCREED 209 is a 3 part specially formulated epoxy, polyurethane heavy duty material for industrial floor and repair of structurally damage areas. It is applied as a floor screed from 3mm to 20mm thick and can be modified to a decorative finish with the addition of colour quartz instead of normal quartz filler.

TM SNABBS Cementitious self-levelling screed is a pumpable, self-levelling, self-smoothing and quick setting screed for new and old concrete floors. It is a polymer modified cement base screed with very good properties such as low shrinkage and high adhesion strength for pedestrian traffic.

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