TM SNABBS Cementitious self-levelling screed

is a pumpable, self-levelling, self-smoothing and quick setting screed for new and old concrete floors. It is a polymer modified cement base screed with very good properties such as low shrinkage and high adhesion strength for pedestrian traffic.
Suitable for interior or exterior use as an underlayment or overlayment. It's high strength and excellent durability can be further enhanced by further enhanced by adding
FLEXTILE 43 LATEX additive.

Smoothing and levelling of surface irregularities where perfectly even floor surfaces are require for the subsequent installation of PVC flooring, carpets, parquets, ceramic tiles, marble, natural stone or simply as an overlayment. Due to its fast and easy application. TM SNABBS is especially suited for used on large project such as hospitals, department store, school and administrative buildings, showrooms, military barracks, corridors, void desks and any other areas which need levelling and repair.

*  Fluid consistance ensure product levels to a smooth even surface
*  Minimum shrinkage to cracking and spalling
*  Hogh early strength
*  Quick setting
*  Excellent bond strength to concrete substrates
*  Can be laid in thickness of 1 - 30 mm
*  Contains synthetic fibres
*  Fast and easy installation resulting in reduce labour costs
*  Can be mixed with
FLEXTILE 43 latex Additive for even higher
   strength and abrasion resistance

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Bending-tensile strength 8.0 Mpa
Compressive strength >30 Mpa
Flowability 150 - 155 mm
Free shrinkage 0 %
Swedish Standard 923507 adhesive strength
Unground, unloaded surface
Unground, loaded surface
Ground, unloaded surface
Ground, loaded surface

2.7 Mpa
2.3 Mpa
2.6 Mpa
2.1 Mpa
Indentation resistance according to
Swedish Standard 923507

<0.10 mm
Tensile Adhesion Bond
(ASTM D4541:1985 Reapproved 1989, modified)

Shear Adhesion Bond
(ASTM D482:1981 Reapproved 1986, modified)

Dart Impact-ASTM D2794:1990 No crack
Slip Resistance-BCRA (Shore A Hardness 95) Excellent Friction
Abrasion Resistance-SS301:1985 (Deep Abrasion) 1361 mm3
After Q.U.V.-ASTM G 53:1993 (1000 hrs) Mild or no discoloration Gray Scale 4 / 5
Q.U.V.-Dart Impart (1000 hrs) No crack
Q.U.V.-Slip Resistance (1000 hrs) Excellent Friction
Q.U.V.-Abrasion Resistance & Test (1000 hrs) 2097 mm3
Determination of length change ASTM C157-1989 +0.029%
Estimate final setting time: below 100C
                                        100 to 200
                                        above 200C
2 hrs
1 1/2 hrs
1 hrs


The substrate must be well prepared before application. All hollow substrates must be properly repaired. Clean surface so that it is completely free from laitance, oil, war, paint or other contaminants which will prevent good bonding. Grind concrete surface when necessary to provide suitable blonding surface. Shot blasting may be necessary to roughen to receive screed. Surface must be dry before applying TM PRIMER 001.

Priming coat to be TM PRIMER 001 diluted with water 1:1 and applied with a soft broom at a rate of 0.15 - 0.20 litre/m2. If the floor is very dry, two treatments are needed. Allow primed surface to dry before laying screed.

One 25kg bags TM SNABBS when mixed with 5.0-5.5 litre water will yield approximately 15.0-16.5 litres mix.

TM SNABBS can be mixed by hand with a slow speed drill attached to a mixing propeller. For large jobs, use of mixer pump is preferable. ADD 5.0-5.5kg of water per bag TM SNABBS, mix for minimum 2 minutes to produce a smooth, homogeneous mixture. Pour/pump the mixture onto the primed substrate, start from one corner and place in a continuous stream along one edge of the substrate, then return back to lap the first placement stream to the required thickness. Use notched trowel for fine adjustment of level. Rollthe surface with spiked roller to release any trapped air in the screed if necessary. Allow the screed to be cured and hardened before open to foot traffic.

As with self-levelling screeds, protection from rain or strong U.V rays is advisable before setting.

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