was set up in 1992 by Mr Loh who has immense pratical & theoretical experience in the field of specialty construction chemicals. Having seen and work with products all over the world, Mr. Loh set up T.A.P with the objective to produce products to suit the South-East Asia climate and substrate conditions.

Since then Tutto Asia Pacific has gone from milestone to milestone in achieving high tech and high value added products which saves on labour and increases productivity.

Cornerstone of T.A.P achievements

1992  :  Setting up of TUTTO ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD

1993  :  Launch of Color Quartz for Industrial Floor & Spray Granite uses. (The first in South-East Asia)

1994  :  Launch of Tile Adhesives / Concrete repair into the Housing Development Board (Singapore) market.

1995  :  Launch of Water Proofing & Industrial Floor System.

1996  :  Launch of Self-Levelling Screed (cementitious) into the upgrading programme.

1997  :  Products achieved regional status with many job references from Brunei to Hong Kong.

1998  :  Achieved success into the unique Self-Levelling market in Singapore (Again the first in South-East Asia)

Aug 1998  :  Achieve ISO 9002 certification

1999  :  Introduction of new products like Marble & Granite Glue (Dantex No. 8) 3 in 1 waterproof, quick setting screeds

2000 - 2003 : Introduction of Colour Quartz / Flakes

2003 - 2006 : Exporting our products to Thailand, Australia, Middle East, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines and Myanmar

2007 : Mr Loh receives award from the President for public service

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