Description and Uses

Stone Flakes

Stone Flakes in various colours

Satin Stone Flake is an epoxy, polyureathane-based coating system with durable color flakes in between for renovating existing wall and floor surfaces without hacking or re-tiling.

It uses an epoxy primer (which is normally applied on steel for shipping vessels) as a interface between the existing sub-strate and the flake system ensuring a long lasting bond even with smooth surfaces.

After applying the primer, it is sprinkle with hard wearing durable color flakes and allowed to dry.

It is then sanded to a smooth or anti-slip finish and then sealed with 2 coats of a clear P.U water based sealer.

It’s finishes resemble that of granite and it is available in any color. (see color chart)

Advantages of Using Satin Stone Flake

  • Chemical and acid resistant

  • Anti-slip

  • Work can be completed in 1 day and open for use thereafter

  • No hacking needed, eliminating dust

  • No requirement for applying of renovation permit for condo units

  • Color can be custom match to any color

  • Local manufacturing resulting in stocks / color availability at any time

  • Available in design, pattern etc.. i.e sea horse, star

  • Proven track record with ISO 9002 certificate & SAC accredited mark

  • Cheap, fast and reliable with warranty of 2 to 5 years given

Typical Areas of Applications, Job References:

1. Wall & Floor (Toilet, Kitchen, Living Room, etc.)

A: St Michael Road, Kitchen & Toilet Floor

B: Sunset Way & Marine Parade Laguna Condo

C: Kitchen Walls

D: Woodsvale Condo

E: Lornie Hill Condo

2. Boundary Walls

A: More outdoor applications of Satin Stone Flake

3. Columns & any other surfaces

A: Pavilion at Stirling Road Blk 169

B: Blk 239 Compassvale Road

4. Car Showroom & Driveway

A: Woodlands Car Showroom

5. Factory Floor

A: Woodlands Industrial Floor